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Senator of the Month

October 2023

As a Senator, Committee Chair, and our Parliamentarian, Cassy has been a positive force within the Senate this semester, and is one to watch. For more information on Cassy's success within SGA, see below.

Year: Sophomore

Major: Crime and Justice Studies

Positions: Class of 2026 Senator, Student Affairs Committee Chair, Parliamentarian, Class of 2026 Treasurer

Joined SGA: Last year

Get to know Cassy

Cassy is the Class of 2026 Senator, Student Affairs Committee Chair, and Parliamentarian. Cassy's mission within the SGA is to bridge the gap between students and administration. Committed to transparency, she aims to address student issues and concerns while actively seeking innovative ways to enhance school life and student well-being. Cassy's multifaceted involvement in various student organizations, clubs, and being student athlete reflects her holistic approach to creating a vibrant and inclusive campus community. She is committed to listening to students and voicing their concerns in any and every aspect.  If you have a concern or suggestion please do not hesitate to reach out to Cassy as she will make you a priority and do her best to assist in any way she can. Cassy's overall Corsair mission is to create a campus environment that is safe, inclusive, and vibrant, ensuring every student feels engaged and at home in the campus community.

Her impact throughout this semester

September 2023

October 2023

Started as our Student Affairs Committee Chair, began to lead the dining committee, and advocated for student concerns regarding food, pricing, parking, safety and more.

In October Cassy stepped up and was elected as SGA's Parliamentarian, who is responsible for keeping rules of order within SGA meetings. Cassy has adapted well to the role, and is excited to continue throughout the year making sure that our meetings run smoothly.


As a Senator and Student Affairs chair, Cassy spent the majority of the Fall 2023 semester working directly with administrators to solve student issues. Some notable issues that Cassy has handled have regarded accidents in parking lots, concerns regarding safety / protection / police, bringing new menu items to on campus restaurants, advocating for lower pricing across campus dining options, and advocating for more student representation in larger administration-focused decisions. Cassy believes that a strong relationship with administration is vital for success within SGA.

What she's working on

Cassy is currently working on getting the smoothie bar within Tripp Athletic Center back up and running. It was previously a student-run business, and Cassy has been meeting with dining and administration in hopes to get it back up and running soon!

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