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Our Mission

As the heart of student representation, the UMass Dartmouth Student Government Association (SGA) plays a pivotal role in acting as the conduit between the student body and the university administration. Elected by the students, for the students, our collective is deeply committed to advocating for student interests and fostering a culture of transparency and inclusivity.


Our focus lies in empowering student-led initiatives that enhance not just academic excellence but also the overall student experience. Through our work, we help in the formation and funding of new student organizations, ensuring diverse interests are equitably represented. Serving on faculty and administrative committees, we bring student perspectives to the forefront, contributing to the broader discourse within the university.


Dedicated to the cultivation of future leaders, we believe in fostering an environment that inspires resilience, inclusivity, and responsible leadership. We invite every student to join us in this transformative journey, actively participating in shaping the UMass Dartmouth community.


Join us as we effect transformation at UMass Dartmouth, making a difference one student at a time. Together, we are shaping our future.

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